A Brief History
Release Party

Bruce Campbell Joins Going Back Cast and Crew
for DVD Release Party in Michigan

Darlene, Bruce Campbell, Ron Teachworth, Chris Howe, John Prusak

Bruce Campbell paused in the midst of his book-signing tour for the special extended paperback version of his book, Making Love* The Bruce Campbell Way, to join the cast and crew of Going Back at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center in Birmingham, Michigan for a celebration of the launch of the Going Back DVD.

Going Back was Bruce Campbell's second movie, made shortly after The Evil Dead. Caught in a long-term distribution contract with a bankrupt distributor, this coming-of-age drama has been unavailable for over twenty years. It is being released on DVD for the first time October 17th.
Ron Teachworth

Also in attendance at the Going Back DVD Release Party were Bruce's co-star, Christopher Howe ("Clee"), writer/director Ron Teachworth, executive producer Jill Teachworth, cinematographer John Prusak, Darlene Cypser of Bifrost Distribution, Chris Howe's mom, who played Clee's mom in the movie, Paul Lamenan, Jim Nawara, and Carrie Vanderhoff. The cast and crew were joined by Michigan filmmakers and film festival organizers, including Academy Award winner, Sue Marx, as well as fans of Bruce Campbell.

The release party included signings of DVD covers and inserts and other promotional items, a review of the history of Going Back by Ron Teachworth, and a question and answer session. Kevin Coppa, who authored the DVD, showcased the DVD menus and features for those present and treated them to a few other humorous video clips related to the movie, but not included on the DVD.

Bruce Campbell, Ron Teachworth, Darlene Cypser, Chris Howe

During the panel discussion, a member of the audience also asked the inevitable question about whether Bruce Campbell was going to be in Spiderman 3. "The only thing I can say about it," Bruce said, "is that 'we team up.' I team up with Spiderman. That's all my lawyers will let me say." He said that he had heard that it was going to be the most expensive movie ever created with a budget well over $200 million. "I've seen the spider suits - the evil Spiderman suits. They're cool," he teased. "But I can't talk about it."

Bruce did discuss his latest movie, My Name is Bruce which he just completed filming in Oregon. In My Name is Bruce he plays an ordinary man who is expected to do the job of a movie hero. The cinematographer for My Name is Bruce was Kurt Rauf who was the assistant cameraman on Going Back and created many of the props for the movie including the mockup of the underside of the trailer for the plumbing repair scene.

Bruce said that the main thrust of his first book, If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor, was not just to highlight his own acting career, but to tell the story of the people in the acting business who are not famous. "A lot of the people work in the business doing theater, commercials, doing all kinds of acting at different levels that are not the Big A movies. The B movies - the independents - are most of the industry. It really is. Movies like Going Back are being made all the time by lots of people. So it was to tell that story rather than just the big shots."

After the panel discussion the cast and crew posed for photographs and signed autographs.

The Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center offers studio classes and workshops to students from preschool through adult levels. Ron Teachworth, the director of Going Back, is teaching a class on film history at the Art Center this fall. Additional information about the BBAC can be found at www.bbartcenter.org.

Ron Teachworth and Bruce Campbell talk before the event John Prusak and Bruce Campbell
Bruce Campbell, Christopher Howe, Darlene Cypser, Ron Teachworth